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Feb 28th, 2000
Had a good gig at the arthouse on the 9th apart from Cams amp shitting itself, Lukes drum kit falling apart, broken strings, broken legs and frozen turkeys.
Check out the action live on Core, Wed 10:30.

Jan 28th, 2000
Luke has had a bit of an accident at work and sliced his hand open.   That means we can no longer play the gig with Blood Duster tonight at the Tote.  In a few days it will probably be okay so gigging and rehersals should get back to normal as of next week.

Jan 20th, 2000
Here is the new Ember Tide website.  The old one will be gone very soon because my university account will be destroyed.Over Christmas and the new year the band has not gigged around Melbourne due to their extensive tour of the Carribean Islands. We've had our break now and it is time the band got off its arse and started gigging and recording again. Of recent we have been plagued with managerial problems however things now seem to have been sorted out and we will get back into it.
The band will be recording again in the coming few months.  The cd will be an EP of new material for promotional purposes.

The mailing list is going so if you want us to send you out all of our gigging details, perhaps an occaisional newsletter, and all of that sort of thing, send us/ email us/ tell us at one of our gigs/ your postal address/ email address so that we can fill you in.
Band contact : email
Post PO BOX 173 Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia 3084.