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Nice site and damn good music... You rule! Metalgirls are kindly invited to email me...
matteo <>
Italy -
Hails! Greetings from GERBE OF LIFE, a BRUTAL GRIND/DEATH band from France. We'll release a CD on SKULLFUCKED PROD in September. Good luck with yer U.G activities. Keep on supporting the Underground!
Gab <>
last saturday we cranked out omnium gatherum tracks,full on fuckin' loud at 3am to an unsuspecting,yet non complaining street full of miserable,no life,boring neighbors. when asked "what can we play that will really piss the neighbors off?" alot of really bad bands were mentioned,so we said "fuck playing that shit,lets give 'em some O G" we had people who hadnt banged their heads to anything heavier than cold chisel before ,totally freaking out and partying to the legendary omnium gatherum! Johnno i hope the front door incident becomes another OG classic!
nige <fuck the>
noarlunga, sa australia -
Fuck its hard to type while your coning. G'day to Johnno, Rocco, Brad & the new bass player. See you at a future show!
Paul Mac <>
Angaston, SA Australia -
Just heard a few tracks on a tape I got kindly sent by this dude I met outside my local when Napalm Death played there last year, oh look there he is on your message board...Dave Gannon..he's cool...fucking outstanding stuff, I loved it and every other Aussie band he taped for me, any of you guys out there heard Akercocke yet??
Jon <>
London, England -
Guy's, the time has come to record our next CD! We all know this means lots and i mean LOTS of rehearsal, and I think we are good enough to slap all tracks down in a matter of if i can only get out of this damn nightclub..BUSSING SUX!!!@!
Luke <fuck off>
dunno, vic aus -
weee update your page guys! Whens the next gig, I'm bored!
Bed <>
Melb, Vic Oz -
get off your asses you pothead bogans
dave gannon <>
melb, vic australia -
Howdy, Brad from "omnium gatherum" here. We played at the Arthouse on Saturday, March 11th. I spoke to a couple of band members. Keep in touch. Brad....
omnium gatherum <>
Adelaide, SA Australia -
hail australian metal,we need more melodic death bands,keep banging and stay metal
robert <>
penrith, nsw australia -
Feckin' good site Rocket! Brisbane is rather hot, and needs the melodic tones of a certain death metal band. Keep on rottin' in the free world.....
Sir Rob Winmar the First <>
Melbourne, VIC Astraya -
I just had to write something cause I am not kewl!
Vlad The Impaler, Dragon, Ghost, whatever <>
Melbourne, VIC Australia -
I just wana hear melodic death metal
Flying Scotsman
This is a test comment
test <test@ksajfhlakj>
skfjh, kj USA -