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The Ember Tide formed in January of 1998, Melbourne, Australia. Since then, the band has set out to produce a unique brand of extreme music that is intense yet melodic and rhythmically diverse.

  Reviews described the band as a mixture of the technicality and brutality of Carcass and Death, with the subtleties of Kyuss, however influences on an individual level are drawn from genres ranging from death/black metal, to jazz and blues.  This wide range of musical influences, along with extreme vocals has defined a sound that has been well received by Melbourne audiences.  The band has a growing fan base, and the release of their self-titled demo CD has attracted great interest amongst local crowds and the underground metal scene in Australia. The CD has gained quite frequent airplay in Melbourne and is now being distributed throughout Australia to increase the bands exposure.  Recent reviews of the CD in national magazines have been excellent.

  Along with the CD, the bands live shows are also attracting attention having played with bands such as Alchemist, Dreadnaught, Earth and Order of Chaos.
 The band is set to record a full length album mid-to-late 2000.

 For information :  e-mail
           P.O BOX 173, Heidelberg 3084, Victoria, Australia

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